SpiderMan - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

At the Cheats screen enter any of the following "Codes":

Code Effect
XCLSIOR Level Select
RUSTCRST Invincibility
STRUDL Infinite Webbing
ALLSIXCC All Comic Books
WATCH EM All Movies
CVIEW EM All Characters in Viewer
CGOSSETT Storyboard Viewer
GBHSRSPM What if Contest Mode
BNREILLY Ben Reilly Costume
BLKSPIDR Symbiote Spidey Costume
TWNTYNDN Spidey 2099 Costume
S COSMIC Captain Universe Costume
PARALLEL Spidey Unlimited Costume
LETTER S Scarlet Spider Costume
AMZBGMAN Amazing Bagman Costume
MJS STUD Peter Parker Costume
ALMSTPKR Quick Change Spidey Costume
RULUR J. James Jewett
DCSTUR Full Health
DULUX Big Head Mode
LLADNEK Debug Mode
EELNATS Unlock Everything


Enter what if mode. on the "bulding top chase" level there should be three or four BIG cranes. Find the one with "BOMB" on it. Go inside and its the GREEN-GOBLINS hideout.

Easter Egg: Spidey's Swearfilter

Although this isn't really a code it's still entertaining. This feature was added for all of you "Potty-Mouths" out there in the gaming universe.

Access the Special option from the Main Menu. Now select Cheats. From here you may enter your favorite "Cuss" word and watch Spidey pop up from the bottom of the screen and swipe your nastiness away and replace it with some sort of "Freudian Slip".

We found our swear words being turned into some of the following: TAFFY, DONUT, LOBSTER, SODA POP, POTATO, BUNNY, FLOWER, SUGAR, NICE, PRETTY, LOVE, CAKE, CLOUD, HONEY and BALLOON. I'm sure there are more, but we all just got grounded for entering some of those words.

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