SpiderMan - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

At the Cheats screen enter any of the following "Codes":

Code Effect
FUNKYTWN Toon Spidey
STICKMAN Stick Spidey
CLUBNOIR Ben Reilly Costume
ADMNTIUM Invulnerable
UATUSEES What If Contest
RGSGLLRY Character Viewer
CINEMA Movie Viewer
FANBOY Comic Collection
MME WEB Level Select
KIRBYFAN Game Comic Covers
ROBRTSON Storyboard Viewer
SM LVIII Quick Change Costume
MRWATSON Peter Parker Costume
KICK ME Amazing Bag Man Costume
XILRTRNS Scarlet Spider Costume
SYNOPTIC Spidey Unlimited Costume
TRISNTNL Captain Universe Costume
MIGUELOH Spidey 2099 Costume
SECRTWAR Symbiote Spidey Costume
RULUR J James Jewett
EGOTRIP Pulsating Head
GLANDS Unlimited Webbing
LEANEST Everything
WEAKNESS Full Health

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