Spongebob Squarepants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman - Costume Hints

Spongebob Squarepants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman - Costume Hints

Costume Hints

Jelly fishing gear costume
At the Krusty Krab, body slam the target. A tent will appear and you will have the jelly fishing gear costume.

Mermaid man costume
In downtown construction site, deliver Krabby Patties to Patrick and he will give it to you.

Reep blower costume
In Jelly Fish Fields, win the 100 jelly fishing contest. Your prize will be the Reep Blower costume.

On the pier tile easy

In Goo Lagoon beat the Dutchman's ship back to the start. Then go to the 1'st checkpoint hop on the boat get to the ship hop in the cannon aim at the Final plank hop on a ship then hop on the plank then hop and the tile is yours

Shoot Bolts to Cross the Chasm

In the Construction Site, get on your MermaidMan costume. Then, go to where you delivered the KrabbyPatty to the foreman. Shoot those red things with waterballs. At the end is the letter.

Dutchman's Treasures

Bikini Bottom:Go to the back of Spongebob's house, go to the right.

Downtown:In the beginning construction site, go to the right.

Tree Dome:At the bottom of the tree, there is a big root. Go on the root.

Jellyfish fields:Go to where you get the tile for "On the Prow of the Ship". There is a strip of land. Go to the left on the land.

Chum World:In Chum Putt, at the middle to the end.

Goo Lagoon:Behind a rock where you go on top of the umbrellas or another part with umbrellas that move with the Reef Blower.

Dutchman's Graveyard:You're on your own.

The tile puzzles also give you hints.

Super Jump

Oh no You can't jump high enough the get the gold bubloon? Press and hold R1 and then let go. You've just jumped higher