Spy Hunter - Arcade mode

Spy Hunter - Arcade mode

Arcade mode

Enter "EDACRA" as a name to unlock arcade mode.

Delete saved games

At the copyright screen, press Left2, Right, Left, R2.

Delete high scores

At the copyright screen, press Up2, Down, L, R, L.

Super Agent mode

Successfully complete the game with all Primary Objectives and Secondary Objectives to unlock Super Agent mode.

Game Shark Codes

Master code must be on 51CA404696A8BC0D
All missions unlocked 13A3413B3A873A40
Invisible 32658B9AFF85A5B4
Infinite Turbo 02E3D1A14F1027A8
Infinite Guns 977E9D1D1E49D873
Infinite Rockets 935B8D1813354C5E
Infinite Time 6387247DD853AD58
Infinite Oil 570ABE11C99B849A