Spy Hunter - Various Cheats

Spy Hunter - Various Cheats

Various Cheats

Once you complete a mission in the time set out below you can go to the Cheat Grid under the menus System Options-Extras

Level Time To Complete Cheat
1 less than 3:40 Saliva Spy Hunter FMV
2 less than 3:35 Green HUD
3 less than 2:40 Saliva Your Disease FMV
4 less than 3:15 Night Vision
5 less than 3:25 Early Test Anamatic FMV
6 less than 3:45 Extra Cameras
7 less than 3:10 Rainbow HUD
8 less than 3:05 Inversion Camera
9 less than 3:45 Concept Art FMV
10 less than 3:15 Fisheye View
11 less than 3:10 Camera Flip
12 less than 3:30 Puke Camera
13 less than 2:15 Making Of FMV
14 less than 5:10 Tiny Spy
Finish Game No time limit Hover Spy
Get all 65 Game Objectives No time limit Super Spy

Secret Making of SH Movie

1. Place the "Spy Hunter" game disc in your PS2 and hit the Start button to begin the game.
2. Select "Profile Menu" in the menu screen.
3. Select the option "New Agent Name," enter the name "MAKING" and then select "Done." Note that the name "MAKING" will disappear from the screen; this means the code has been accepted.
4. Enter a new agent name again any other name you wish and select "Done."5. Your new name will remain onscreen this time. Press the X button to accept this new name.
6. Select "System Options" from the menu screen.
7. Select "Extras."
8. Select "Movie Player."
9. Select "Making of Spy Hunter."

Other FMV's

Put in a code below for FMV's using the instructions above

Get Concept Car

Classic Spy Hunter mini-game

Choose an agent at the start of the game and select an empty slot. Enter "OGSPY" as an name. If you entered the code correctly, the name will disappear and you will hear a clucking sound.After you hear the clucking sound just enter any name you want for an agent and then start the game.

Helicopter jump

On the level where you have to protect the IES frogmen in a boat and you have to get them to the helicopter, Get in front of them using turbo and destroy all the guard towersand when the helicopter appears , aim the interceptor right in the middle of the loop and drive through it. The screen should change so that you are under the chopper and you will fall forward, as if the chopper had picked you up.

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