Super Bomberman R

Super Bomberman R

Unlock the Dastardly Bombers:
When you have beaten the game once you will be able to purchase them for 5000 gold each in the shop

Special Features:
You will discover that some of the maps have special features such as magnets that pull bombs towards them. Always try to use these map hazards and features to your advantage to catch unsuspecting bombers in your explosion.

Placing Bombs:
If you randomly spam set bombs instead of carfully placing them you will be relying on luck to defeat someone. To be successful in this game you need to be trap people so you need to be fully aware where you place your bombs.

Detonating Bombs:
When a bomb explodes, it causes all other bombs within range to explode as well which means that if you can time it right you will be able to detonate your bombs faster by putting them in the path of an explosion.

Power Ups
Listed below are the various power ups and their affects.

Lets you kick a bomb down a lane until it hits something.

Increases how many bombs you set at once.

Boxing Glove
Lets you punch a bomb, which knocks it in the air a space in front of you.

Blue Glove
Lets you pick up a bomb and throw it in front of you.

Increases the range of your explosion.

Increases your movement speed.

Revenge Cart:
If you get blown up and there are at least 2 people left, you will go into 'Revenge Cart'. This is a small ship that lets you move around the edges of the map and throw bombs on the field. If you somehow manage to defeat a player that is still alive you will rejoin the battle.