The Surge


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Utilize the best Implants:
Use Implants, you will find them as you keep playing and defeating powerful
enemies. A lot of them will increase your strength and it will get easier
to kill enemies.

Drone Support:
After a while when you are done playing a few hours you will unlock a drone,
use that when there are more than one enemies around. It will give you a good

- Take your time in combat. Like other souls-likes, the best offense is a good
defense, and you should always wait for the opportune moments to strike.
- Target the weaker body parts of your enemies, and be sure to focus your
attacks to do the most damage. If you’re farming for materials, target the
piece you need materials for, but be aware that this will make the fight
much harder and longer.
- Explore the area around you. You never know what secrets you’re going to
find waiting for you at the end of hallways that don’t seem important.
- Check your corners. Enemies are hiding everywhere, just wait for you to
leave your back open to an attack.
- Watch your enemy’s movements to learn their tells. This will allow you
figure out when the best times to attack are, as well as when you should
jump back to avoid strong attacks.
- Bank your Tech Scrap if you’re worried about losing it. The Surge’s bank
feature allows you to store your Tech Scrap safely with in the machines
of the OPS Center. Store it here if you’re worried about losing it.
- Don’t get frustrated if you die. You have plenty of time to get back to
your Tech Scrap, and killing enemies will lengthen that time, so make
sure you stay patient and don’t try to rush through groups of enemies.
- Try to lure enemies away from each other, as taking on too many enemies
can lead to a quick demise. You can lead them away using your Turret,
which is extremely useful for grabbing their attention and pulling them
to you.

How to Craft Materials:
Crafting comes after you are having schematics. The schematics are available
for gear, armor, upgrades, etc. which all will be used in the Exo-Rig. You
can start farming items at the start itself. You can kill down drones and
bots around and gather items dropped by them. TechScraps is like the in-game
currency that will be dropped by many enemies or you can find a pile in boxes.

How to increase Experience Modifier:
Tech Scraps can be used in the Medbay to increase the core level, and so this
will be used for armor and weapon upgrades in the same area. The amount of
tech scarps relies on the enemy you kill, also there pile around the area in
the game that you can notice by breaking up the boxes or behind containers.
With each kill your experience modifier increases by an amount. And this
keeps on rising. But as you visit medbay you will lose it. Also all the
enemies you had killed will revive back again.

First learn the game area, there is no clear map that can give you right
pointers. You can simply walk around locate enemies location and find
shortcuts. It is always best to have shortcut for Medbay, so in case you
have planned for a refill you can reach back.

Always sneak around instead of wildly running. It is good if your enemy
does no notice you, you can use stealth backstabbing attack to take it
down. This will help you to preserve your health for longer time and
consume less stamina. Once you know all about the current area and you
are planning to go to Medbay, go there and refill. Next instead of
taking shortcuts, cover the longer path, re-locate the previous enemies
and take them one by one. This will help you to instantly regain your
Experience Modifier lost and slowly it will increase as you move ahead.

Sunglasses location:
The sunglasses can be found in the "Research And Development" area, close
to the spawn area. When you enter the "Pressure Control" area, quickly use
your drone to open the door before the deadly gas kills you. After opening
the door, enter the room and pick up the sunglasses on the table to get
the "Sunglasses At Night" achievement. You can also wear the sunglasses
as your head gear.

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