Thief 3: Deadly Shadows


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Game Cheats:

Deadly Shadows Cheats:
Getting to the sunken Citadel in the docks:
Go towards the store when you first arrive at the docks. Immediately after
you have passed the quarantine gate stop and destroy the box which is in
front of you. After you have gone down the ladder follow the stairs.

Defeating Keeper Guards:
To defeat the Keeper Guards use a mine or if sniping hit them in the back of the head. The Blackjack has no effect on them.

Defeating Zombies:
A single Flashbomb will kill a Zombie if it is unaware of you but if it is
aware you will need Flashbombs to defeat it.

Defeating the Undead:
Defeat multiple Hammer Haunts or undead on a floor by throwing Holy water into a doorway then luring them after you so when they run across the Holy water it will kill them.

Unlimited arrows:
Once you beat the whole game,it's hard to do this if you do this rong.and want it to work restart totorial.only xbox will make this cheat work.then beat to the part of getting past the guard.make him see you 10 times then pass the game get past the guard after you leted him se you 10 times.then you have to use noicemaker arrow and shoot some one with it and then you have to go on the last's hard need to xboxes hooked up together now..restart the other xbox and put thief:deadly shadows in the other xbox and have unlimited arrows

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