Tom Clancy's The Division

Tom Clancy's The Division Tom Clancy's The Division Tom Clancy's The Division

Alternate Sniper Rifles Uses:
Normally you would just use the sniper rifle to inflict damage on distant enemies but if you incorpoate it with the quick-shot action it can become effective as a close quarter weapon which you can substitute for any shotgun, the Desert Eagle, and the Elephant Killer when ammo is scarce for those weapons.

Defeating Gassers
The easiest way to eliminate Gassar's is to aim for their head and keep shooting until it kneels. Then shoot again to finish it off. Gassars can turn humans into zombies so you need to make sure you kill them as quickly as possible.

Vendor Locations:
The following is a list of areas where you can find safehouses and also what type of vendor they are.

Camp Hudson: Weapon and gear

Base Of Operations (Pennsylvania Ave.): All

Hudson Yards: Weapons

Garment District: Gear

Tenderloin: Weapons

Hell's Kitchen: Gear

Times Square: Gear

Clinton: Weapon

Flatiron District: Gear

Gramercy: Weapons

Stuyvesant: Gear

Kips Bay: Gear

Murray Hill: Weapons

Turtle Bay: Gear

Midtown East: Weapons

DZ06: Dark Zone Special Vendor (Phoenix Coins only)

DZ05: Dark Zone Weapon Mod

DZ04: Dark Zone Gear Mod

DZ03: Dark Zone Weapons

DZ02: Dark Zone Gear

Display ALL Collectibles On Map:
If you purchase the 'Canine Unit' in the Security Wing for 200 supplies you will be able to display ALL the collectables on the map. When you then complete ALL side missions and encounters in a specific zone you will reveal ALL the remaining intel on the map in that zone.

Unlock Challenge Mode:
When you have reached Level 30 you will unlock Challenge mode. ALL the enemies in Challenge mode are Elite and Level 32 making it the hardest difficulty in the game.