Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD

Game Cheats:
Perfect Manual, Rail, Lip:
For a perfect lip, manual, or rail, max out the stat of the corresponding trick.

Unlockable Characters:
Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Officer Dick - Complete Career mode with a character
Old School Tony Hawk - Complete Career with Tony Hawk
Ollie the Magic Bum - 100% Complete any character's Projectives
Robomodo Robot - Complete All Hawkman Objectives

Bringing home the bacon
Reward: 20 Points
Objective: Unlocked Officer Dick

Manual Master
Reward: 20 Points
Objective: Performed 15 manuals in one combo in School II with Rodney Mullen

Old School
Reward: 20 Points
Objective: Scored 200,000 points without performing a single manual in one run in Warehouse

Reward: 20 Points
Objective: Won a match online

Ain't 'fraid of no ghosts
Reward: 35 Points
Objective: Collected all pellets in one combo in Hawkman in The Hangar

Gap Skiing
Reward: 35 Points
Objective: Completed the 100 Ski Jump gap in Downhill Jam

I dont want no 2 minute Man
Reward: 35 Points
Objective: Held a combo for 30 seconds after the time is up in Marseille

Race to the finish lines
Reward: 35 Points
Objective: Reached the end of the Mall 3 times in a single Big Head Survival run

The Best, Around
Reward: 35 Points
Objective: Got 500,000 points in one run in Venice Beach

Reward: 100 Points
Objective: Completed all Projectives with one character