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Easy 'Reveal()' Trophy:
Inspect ALL completed Function Files to get this Silver Trophy. There are a total of 16 Function Files and each one has three pieces of background information that can be viewed by having an encounter with that function in each type of slot location (active, upgrade, or passive).

Easy 'Process()' Trophy:
To gain this Bronze Trophy involves activating at least one of the ten limiters in an encounter. Each of the limiters when updated will give you some background information.

Easy 'Limiter()' Trophy:
In total there are 10 process limiters, which are gained through leveling. The last limiter is gained when you reach level 15 on your second playthrough after which you need to to an 'access point' to inspect the limiters and get Silver Process().

Easy 'Function()' Trophy:
There are a total of 16 transistor functions which are the abilities you use in the game during combat. Some are looted from dead bodies and the others are avaialble through leveling. You will get this Bronze Trophy after you reach level 13 on your second playthrough.

Harm and disrupt nearby enemies, exposing vulnerabilities.

Pierce targets with great force across long distances.

Launch fast unstable shells that split into explosive particles.

Transport user to a nearby location ahead.

Discharge a ricocheting bolt that jumps from target to target.

Form a volatile particle packet. Strike packet to produce a large bleach.

Call a friend to aid Red. Plan friend's actions with Turn().

Alter a Target's allegiance, causing it to serve Red.

Fire rapid kinetic charges in a straight line.

Conceal Reds physical self, amplifying the next action taken.

Spawn a seeking parasite that dismantles a target from within.

Project a storm sphere that disintegrates targets in it's path.

Strike nearby targets upward with tremendous force.

Siphon life points from Targets in an area around Red.

Cripple Target's defense and attack stacks 3 times.

Force a target close to Red. Stronger against distant targets.

Unlock Recursion Mode:
This feature which is the equivalent to New Game+ becomes unlocked when you have successfully completed the game.

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

Trophy - How to unlock

Agency (Silver) - Complete each Agency Test.
Align (Bronze) - Achieve User Level 8.
Anything (Bronze) - Deal at least 1024 damage in one Turn in the Practice Test.
Bet (Bronze) - Complete five encounters with one or more Limiters in use.
Bye (Silver) - Complete the story.
Contest (Gold) - Clear every Test.
Dare (Silver) - Complete five encounters with five or more Limiters in use.
Drive (Bronze) - Reach the Goldwalk District.
Everything (Bronze) - Deal at least 2048 damage in one Turn in the Practice Test.
Find (Silver) - Inspect 10 completed Function Files.
Focus (Silver) - Achieve User Level 16.
Function (Bronze) - Unlock every Transistor Function.
Goodbye (Gold) - Recurse through the story.
Limiter (Bronze) - Unlock every Process Limiter.
Memory (Bronze) - Unlock 32 MEM.
News (Bronze) - Use 10 different OVC Terminals.
One (Gold) - Achieve User Level 24.
Performance (Silver) - Complete each Performance Test.
Planning (Bronze) - Complete each Planning Test.
Plat (Platinum) - Earn all other Trophies.
Process (Silver) - Inspect all completed Limiter Files.
Reveal (Silver) - Inspect all completed Function Files.
Risk (Gold) - Complete five encounters with all 10 Limiters in use.
Sandbox (Bronze) - Clear one of each Test.
Search (Bronze) - Inspect five completed Function Files.
Speed (Bronze) - Complete each Speed Test.
Stability (Bronze) - Complete each Stability Test.
Stack (Bronze) - Create a Function combination requiring 12 MEM.
User (Bronze) - Unlock every Upgrade Slot and Passive Slot.

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