Trials Fusion

Trials Fusion

Uplay Points:
When you complete the following tasks you will earn Uplay Points which you can spend to unlock Uplay Rewards.

The Long Road Ahead:
Reach player level 5.

Squirrels Love Trials:
Find your first squirrel (20 Uplay Points).

Neighborhood Watch:
You have tried and rated 10 tracks on Track Central.

What Reset Button?:
Zero fault on any extreme track.

Uplay Rewards:
The following is a list of the extras you can unlock when you have the indicated amount of Uplay Points to spend in your Uplay account.

$10,000 In-Game Currency
Unlocks for 10 Uplay Points. Receive $10,000 in-game currency to use in the Trials Fusion Garage.

Clown Helmet
Unlocks for 20 Uplay Points. Adds the 'Frowning Clown' helmet to your Trials Fusion Garage.

Squirrel Helmet
Unlocks for 30 Uplay Points. Adds the 'Squirrel' helmet to your Trials Fusion Garage.

'Hue' Bike Upgrade
Unlocks for 40 Uplay Points. Adds the 'Hue' bodykit and wheels for the Roach bike.

If you lean forward when going up steep hills it will help prevent the speed of the rear tire flipping you up backward and crashing. You lean forward with the Left analogue stick, but remember when you reach the top to let go otherwise you will flip forward. Combining this tactic with your speed will enable you to traverse steep surfaces easily.

The key to being successful in this game is your ability to keep your balance. When you are coming off a jump or ledge it is important that you make sure you're set to land properly. This means that you ensure that you are going to land with both wheels firmly on the ground. Anything less will likely result in a crash.

A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing - Purchase the complete set of a fully upgraded outfit - 50
All Your Game Are Belong to Us - Acquire the Trials Trophy - 125
Bright-Eyed & Bushy-Tailed - Find all of the squirrels hidden within the first 8 Events - 125
Full Throttle III - Complete all 'Full Throttle' Track Challenges in the first 8 Events - 75
I Like What You've Done There - Post a time on another player's created track - 40
Is There Anything You Can't Do? - Completed every Track Challenge in the first 8 Events - 150
Leaving a Fine Lookin' Fossil - Hold a 'Proud Hero' pose to your demise, dressed in an Excavator outfit - 25
Quadratic - 0-fault Fusion Factory with the Quad Bike - 25
Scrooging Around - Earn 24 Gold medals - 50
That's Not Right! - Get run over by your own bike - 25
The Bike is Your Hula Hoop - Score 20,000 points from one jump on an FMX track - 20
The Fifth Key - Use the Track Editor to find and pick up the 'Fifth Key' in the Fusion world - 50
The Full Cavity Treatment - Complete all 3 Track Challenges on any track - 40
Through The Fires Of Hell - Complete Inferno IV - 100
Unyielding III - Complete all 'Unyielding' Track Challenges in the first 8 Events - 75
Wax On, Wax Off - Complete Training Program 2 - 25