Tropico 4


Total votes: 71

Cheats Codes:

Type any of the following cheat codes while playing.

Code - Result:
trabajono - Unlock All Missions
speedygonzales - Instant Build
iamthestate - No Prerequisites for Edicts
elpollodiablo - Instant Win
muchopesos - Add $100,000
whiskey - +20 Relations with U.S.
nowhiskey - -20 Realtions with U.S.
vodka - +20 Relations with USSR
novodka - -20 Relations with USSR
twoheadedllama - Raise Tourism Rating to 100
pachangasi - Raise Happiness
dinggratz - Maximize Workers Experience, Instant Graduation
cheguevara - Trigger Rebel Attack on Building
downwiththetyrant - Trigger Rebel Attack on Palace
generalpenultimo - Trigger Military Coup
civilwar - Trigger Uprising
vivala0 - Trigger Random Submersive Activity
vivala1 - Trigger Assassination Attempt
vivala2 - Trigger Hostage Crisis
vivala3 - Trigger Bomb Threat
vivala4 - Trigger Worker Strike
vivala5 - Trigger Media Occcupation

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