WarHawk - Dodging missiles

WarHawk - Dodging missiles
Dodging missiles:
To dodge missiles faster, roll and flip in the air. This will work about 70 of the time.

Easy points in TDM:
To get easy points, go to a base that your team does not control. Stand next to the flag. You will see a bar appear at the bottom of the screen. If the other team owns this base, the bar will slip to the center neutralize and you will get 2 points. It will then slip to the other side filling with your teams color gaining, thus giving you 2 more points. This process is easy and can get you 4 points in under twenty seconds.

Split-screen online:
When creating a game, turn the split screen on. During the game, press Start on the other controllers to activate split screen mode. You will all share your screen name.

Extra missiles:
When you get the single shot homing missiles in an airplane, you should only be able to get a total of three. However if you pause game play, wait about fifteen seconds, then resume the game, you should be able to pick up three more. This will only work up to nine missiles.

Updating stats:
Due to a server error partly because of global servers, your stats usually will not update immediately. To see your stats, log off for four or five hours then log back on. Your stats should be updated.

Defend That Flag Soldier
What's the best way to defend a flag, you ask? Mines, of course The best way is to put 2 on the road/entrance by the flag, 1 near the flag, and 1 on the flag.