Worms - Boxing Ring

Worms - Boxing Ring

Boxing Ring

During gameplay execute a fire punch or a dragonball. Then quickly hold Square and press R1 L1 Circle. If done correctly one worm from each team will teleport to a boxing arena.

Infinite Banana Bombs

At the Weapons Options screen press Down Right X Square Square X Square Square X Square Square. This code is not for use with the Special Weapons code X Square 8x.

Special Weapons

At the Weapons Select screen press Square X 8 times.

Suicide Mode

Pause gameplay and press X X X X Square Square Square Square X X X X Square Square Square Square.

Landscape Codes

To enter a customgenerated landscape code press X to clear the preset code when a landscape is being randomly generated at the beginning of a game:

Code Landscape
00956 Desert Storm
29726 Low Bridge
46463 Martianscape
57805 Martianscape 2
70345 Lollipop
97155 Three's A Crowd
149147 Kill Smiley
208041 Alternate Jungle
326576 Crowded Alienscape
436642 Hell
4802043 A Bridge Too Far
7841228 Beach
7007230 Snow Joke
13410325 Life's A Beach
23418990 All Beached Up
39054687 Beach Weather
56439996 The Tide is High
62332782 Forestscape
77004498 Alienscape
99426730 Cliffs of Hell
203953110 Alien Bridge
223981979 Christmas Time
309072302 Jungle Island
635199159 Cliffs and Lake
733737544 Another Alienscape
742182075 Another Forestscape
954338916 Bless You
1508066876 Another Candyscape
3329407250 Snorkel Island
7373888390 Fires of Hell
8902118313 Jungle
CHEZZY Hollow Mountain
Thorahird Dig Carefully