Xuan-Yuan Sword VII

Xuan-Yuan Sword VII

Since Xuan-Yuan Sword VII is not very well optimized, here's some tweaks
might help if you are running low end GPU.

Tweaks for Xuan-Yuan Sword VII:
Make sure turn on "Show Hidden File" on Windows first.
Once you have that done, head to:


GameUserSettings.ini -> This file let you tweak most of the thing such as
ResolutionQuality / AntiAliasing / PostProcess etc...

0 = OFF
1 = LOW
2 = MED
3 = HIGH

[ScalabilityGroups] is he only thing I modify.

Since everyone has different GPU.
I'm juat gonna show mine below (just for reference).

I have a i7-9700K, GTX1660 Ti 6G:


Note that i played in 2560x1440 Fullscreen, with the settings above. I get
around 100-140fps with Vsync = OFF (depends on where you are at, sometimes
way higher than 140fps such as in the dungeons from the first mission).

Before tweaks, I had only 50-55fps in town and 60-70 around map with low settings.

If you are looking for visual quality:

I suggest you leave "sg.ResolutionQuality=100", "sg.TextureQuality=3",
"sg.ShadingQuality=3" but do keep "sg.PostProcessQuality" at 0 or 1
(PostProcess is nothing but motion blur, depth of field. I'm not 100% sure,
but you can barely notice any different).

Since I run game in 2560x1440. I don't mind Anti Aliasing turned off,
but is up to you.

Next thing is you'll have to change one setting in "Game.ini" (Same folder
as GameUserSettings.ini located) set bDLSS to False (bDLSS=False)
If you don't have a RTX card.

Once you've done all these simple tweaks, launched the game and have fun.

Remember, DO NOT go to game settings after you've change things on those
INI file. If you need to change the resolution, do that first and than the

For those have issue about stuttering.
I suggest you make some changes in Nvidia Control Panel.