Judgement Mod for Half-Life


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[[The Judgement Mod]]

The Half-Life Judgement Mod contains a wide variety of gameplay styles, but they all have one thing in common, crimes.Every second in Mega-City One, literally thousands of crimes are committed. From 'Comic Running' to 'Mass Murder', from 'Possession of Sugar' to all out 'Block War', it is a Judges duty to dispense law and justice. As a player in Judgement, you'll be taking on one of two roles, a Judge or a Perp. Each scenario has it's own differences, since you may be involved in a simple Looting or even in a grand scale Block War, and the objectives for each side will vary accordingly.


It is the early 22nd Century. Less than fifty years ago the worlds worst nightmare came true when the last American President pushed the button. The world was ripped to shreds with only parts surviving the Atomic Wars, while most of the surface became a radiation desert. In America three mega-cities with massive populations and overcrowding were left. With government and country now gone, the already developing Justice Department took over. They are the Judges. A new breed of police force, authorised to act as judge, jury and executioner.

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