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Brief description:

Six-year bloodshed known as World War II left tragic memories and unbelievable legends about glory and courage of the millions of soldiers. Even though it happened in the distant past, there are many questions yet to be answered. What would have happened if things had gone a different way? Was there an opportunity to finish the war sooner? What if there was someone who could effectively change the course of history? These questions together with a strong yearning to create a new and unique 3D RTS game pushed us to development of Officers.

Officers is a massive real time strategy game with maps 25 square kilometers each, where up to 1.500 units may be engaged in a battle. The game offers one campaign for allied forces with astonishing visual effects; picturesque graphics powered, breath-taking atmosphere, gripping gameplay and a large variety of tactical and strategic opportunities.

What makes Officers different from the others?

If compared to other games of the genre, Officers is an RTS game with RPG elements. The players are offered a unique opportunity to command troops on incredibly huge locations, make various tactical decisions in massive battles, coordinate supply lines, carry out operations in the daylight and at night, take advantage of various vehicles and equipment and many more. Locations differ in landscapes, which together with weather effects and day and night cycles influence the gameplay experience. Powerful graphical engine produces realistic environments, dynamic actions and incredible atmosphere.

Art of World War:

Battles will take place on 5x5 km maps that are located in the main sectors of the front. Different territories will have different landscapes, i.e. the way it is in real life. Day and night cycles, times of year, weather effects, etc will have a strong influence on the gameplay. In terms of weaponry, the game will feature many well-known types of weapons and outfits different for each country. The same applies to air forces, military equipment and transports.

Soldiers of World War:

Unit skills that include skirmish, repair, medic, driving, hiding and vigilance allow them to gradually transform from barely trained recruits into mature soldiers. So, the more they fight, the better they become. This makes the player care about his units rather than using them as a replaceable cannon fodder. Regimental artillery together with air forces will deliver powerful strikes on enemy positions regardless of their location on the map. Coming out with the map editor and mod tools, Officers will provide vast possibilities for creating your own missions with custom-made units.

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