Age of the Four Clans Free Full Game Beta 2.0.2


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AGE OF THE FOUR CLANS, an ever-evolving game from EVOLV Studios, delivers an all-ages prehistoric adventure in an oldschool 2D environment. Become a Raptor, quest through an immersive storyline with friends or solo, and save the world from mass extinction!

A4C is currently moving into Beta testing phase! We opened Alpha in January 2016 and have had some great fun building the world. We promise a unique and fun experience in our first ever MESOZOIC MULTIPLAYER ONLINE RPG!

First-Time Player Instructions:
1. Download the latest version of the Age of the Four Clans client.
2. Double-click on the Game Launcher to begin.
3. Create a user name.
4. Create a character.
5. Join the fun!

Getting an Error from the Updater? Try This! Some users have reported that the A4C game updater is crashing before launching the software. If you are experiencing this error, try the following steps:
1. Navigate to the place where you extracted the file
2. Open the 'data' folder
3. Locate the 'Intersect Client.exe' application
4. Right-click Intersect Client.exe and select 'Run as Administrator' from the menu
Hopefully, this will resolve your issue! We are working on fixing this problem, in future releases!

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