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Cerberus will initially feel like a very basic game, do not let the simple graphics however, distract you from its most important feature. Cerberus is extremely playable, with addictive qualities formerly thought to be exclusive to pharmaceutical products. Considering the game is a simple adventure made with klik and play, it does help put into perspective the essense of gaming. It is all about design and this game's developer must have a definite skill in it. Many rush to compare this game with Metroid, Zelda and Zaxxon, it is true that it shares many of the features of the above mentioned games but the way these features are combined makes for a unique quality which does not leave any room for comparisons.

Cerberus is a worthwile download which is guaranteed to provide you with hours of fun. Modern game developers should use Cerberus as a lesson in what games should be all about.

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