Ragdoll Matrix: Reloaded - Update

Ragdoll Matrix: Reloaded - Update Ragdoll Matrix: Reloaded - Update

Following the widespread approval of Ragdoll Matrix, its creators have gone that one important step further and created Ragdoll Matrix: Reloaded. Just when you thought your hero was a God and the story could not go much further, a game comes along and proves that you were wrong.

The game is about dodging bullets, Matrix style, with a 2d ragdoll with slow motion and super cool moves. There's single player, which will keep you busy for hours unlocking more abilities, themes, game modes, options and more and when you finally have what it takes, you can even challenge other players in this great game online. You can record and save your games and watch them over and over again. You can send them to friends and they can watch them too.
The developer accpets good recordings and puts them on the official website, download tab above, for everyone to see. There are many different game modes and difficulties. There's even a mode for two players on the same computer. And lots and lots more...

Changes (v1.03)
-changed limb help so it's now possible to unlock things with it
-fixed a minor bug in multiplayer, where the bullets would spawn in slightly wrong positions
-fixed a minor visual bug in multiplayer with the power bar
-fixed a bug in multiplayer, where the bomb wouldn't hurt the thrower
-fixed a bug in multiplayer, which crashed the game when a bomb was hit with a certain bullet
-changed the starting locations of players in multiplayer when crossfire is on
-fixed a minor visual glitch with original theme and gameover in multiplayer
-fixed a bug, which allowed the host to shoot even though he was in motion blur
-you can now also specify the key for screenshots
-added the possibility to create your own themes
-the game now asks for a filename when creating records
-added unlock instructions to readme
-added an option to disable 'the annoying slowdown'
-changed the amount of characters allowed in the highscores from 8 to 16
-fixed some fade in/out visual glitches

NOTE Some systems may be unable to play with the music on. An error is observed when starting a game which results in a crash to desktop. It should be fixed by disabling music. (F3-options ->F2-music -> Off)


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