Eman Quest Free Full Game V1.0.7


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Experience a procedurally-generated mini-RPG with memory-based battle mechanics, in an epic quest to save Aisha's parents from an unknown evil! Our unique memory mechanics challenge to you use not just your wits, but your memory, to succeed! Highlights: - Travel through three procedurally-generated areas generated from seven unique biomes, including a volcano cave, a desert dungeon, a frozen forest, and more! - Battle an array of deadly foes that match your power level, each with their own unique skills. Every battle could be your last! - Challenge your memory to unleash your full potential in each round of combat! - Discover the unknown evil that assaults your family, in a story about faith, parents, and good-and-evil. - Tweak the game settings and difficulty to suit your style, with a number of accessibility features! Includes full-screen mode, battle tweaks, and auto-save.

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