Hell Fighter


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Hell Fighter is a fast action space combat simulation. It's not an arcade scroller and it's not a slow strategy game either. Hell Fighter combines elements of both into a unique and furious modem/network playable game of combat involving fighters, capital ships, bases, merchants, freighters, and other units.

Hell Fighter is freeware. The primary reason for working on this game is that such a game needs to exist. And it needs to be played. It's its own genre. There's no other game out there which is like it.

To play the network version of hellfighter you need to download the .exe file provided (HellFighter-v21.0b7.exe) and replace the original .exe file, (found in hf.exe)

[Note: Hell Fighter 32 v21 is the networked version of Hell Fighter, it is in beta stage. The new interface is multiplayer centric. In fact, network play is the only feature v21 has over v20. But then again... that's a pretty big feature.

Hell Fighter is a fast action game, and you'll want a good connection like DSL or cable. It's playable on a 56k modem, but (as with other fast action games) your controls will be sluggish. Provide feedback to hellfighter@dracova.com.]

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