Goomba Racing Free Full Game


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Nyoom! It's time to race and drift with the SmoloMyth girls!

Goomba racing is a mario-kart like game where you zoom around in KFP on Roombas!

- Pick your favorite HoloMyth member and race against 4 AI in a local KFP and its neighbourhood!
- Drift and get a speed boost if you do it well!
- Use many items based on the Hololive universe! Botan bomb, annoying Takodachi, Haachama cooking, and many more!
- Get a peek inside Tenchou's office! Whoa!

Controls (keyboard)
- WASD / ZQSD: accelerate, decelerate and steer
- Space: drift
- F: use item

Controls (controller)
- A, B : accelerate, decelerate
- Left stick: steer
- Right trigger: drift
- Left trigger: use item

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