J.D. Spy

J.D. Spy

Secrets, lies, deception, murder... they're all happening whether you play or not...

Things start innocently enough one morning before work. While checking your e-mail you encounter a mysterious "access violation" on your Windows desktop. You close it, yet it keeps coming back every time you restart. But this isn't a typical access violation. You dig deeper, and find that it contains a message. Someone needs your help. They can't say why... or for what reason. They tell you their life is in danger. They tell you YOUR life is in danger too. And so it begins. Will you help?
J.D. Spy is a new adventure-puzzler from Indy Studios that throws you, the player, into the midst of an international conspiracy spanning 4 continents. To survive, you will need to immerse yourself into a world where loyalty has no meaning, and each wrong move could be your last. You will decode encrypted messages, confront dangerous terrorists, break into secured computer systems, analyze photographs for evidence, track down vital clues from around the globe... but will it be enough...

J.D. Spy is an extremely challenging puzzle, quasi-text adventure that should challenge even the most seasoned adventure gamers. Prepare to learn about entryption, bytes, bits, ASCII, and Java as you unravel the sinister plot. J.D. Spy contains well over 20 hours of game play!

A complete Walkthrough and Hint Guide are available from the download section.


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