Seance Free Full Game

Seance Free Full Game Seance Free Full Game Seance Free Full Game Seance Free Full Game

A murder case has gone cold, and the NRPD has asked you to help them solve it, on account of your abilities as a psychic medium.

Channel the dead, confront them with the truth, help them to unlock their memories, and solve the murder.


Game entirely uses the mouse. Click the Detective/Table symbols when you aren't in the middle of a conversation to go between the sections of the room

Click the Ouija board to start a seance. Input the name of a spirit, then click Enter. Light the candles, and summon the spirit

To exit a conversation with a ghost, click Goodbye

The buttons at the top left and right of your board allow you to step back and forward through the conversation, and the Elaborate button lets you inquire further about the last phrase. Sometimes they'll reveal extra information

If you think you have an answer to their riddles, you can type it out in the Ouija board, or click it in your notebook later. Make sure to confront them at the right time, if they complain you aren't listening - you used the right evidence at the wrong time

Make sure you read all the way through each conversation. If you're stuck, make sure you asked both the Detective and Dylan about everything.


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