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In the year 2838 there is no Earth anymore. During a terrifying world war, our former home planet and even parts of the solar system were wiped out by incredibly destructive nuclear weapons.

But years before that, advanced space research programs had helped mankind to find new places to colonize, and after the final destruction of Earth, these places were all that was left of the human civilization.

But the loss of their home planet brought fierce consequences: Twenty years after colonizing new planets, the Yolons, technically more advanced aliens, arrived and enslaved the Terrans. In a furious race through space, they were searching for new planets to conquer. Resistance was futile, and after a short battle, mankind knew that there was no other way to survive than to become slaves of the intruders.

The years passed away and most people got used to the situation, only a small group of resistance fighters believed that things could change. Suddenly there is a new hope: A journey back to the ruins of Earth, where a superior technology might still be hidden in the ashes of the old Solar System.

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