Super Voxel World Free Full Game v1.9.7

Super Voxel World Free Full Game v1.9.7 Super Voxel World Free Full Game v1.9.7 Super Voxel World Free Full Game v1.9.7 Super Voxel World Free Full Game v1.9.7

Create your own gameplay experiences in a procedurally generated world made out of voxels. Add gameplay elements to make your own Platformer, First Person Shooter, Survival, Tower Defense, or Survival game. Combine powerups to create unique experiences, then share them online. Build and Play together with Online Co-Op.

About Super Voxel World
1. Current features include :

Create Your Own Worlds
• Modify an infinite, procedurally generated world
• Make your world come to life by adding NPC's, animals, and other interactive creatures
• Change the sky, ocean, and time of day to fit the mood

Add Gameplay Elements
• Empower your player with items such as Jetpacks, Bows, Turrets, and Guns
• Add Goals, Enemies, Moving Platforms, and much more
• An electrical system allows you to connect batteries, switches, lights, motors, servos, sound blocks, and more to create complex interactions.
• Choose your player's perspective : First Person, Third Person, Sidescroller, or even mix them together in real-time via powerups.

Play It Your Way
• Create a platformer by placing goals and checkpoints. Add enemies, waypoints, bounce pads, moving platforms, fans, levetators, etc.
• Add waves of enemies for a survival game, or place individual NPC's and customize their behavior for a unique setup.
• Add weapons for an action-oriented experience. Try out the shooting range showcase to try out your skills.
• Don't want to add objectives? Use the in-game tools to create your own virtual playground.
• Make a mountainous roller coaster that goes deep underground or high into the sky for dramatic views.
• String together explosives and electricity for fun results
• Combine music notes with wires and switches to create your own songs

Share Online
• Easy to upload your world to the community
• Browse and Play community-made worlds
• Rate other worlds

Additional Features
• Online Drop In / Drop Out Multiplayer
• Character Customization
• Controller Support


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