The Worm


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The Worm is a 32-bit game for Win95 / Win98 / Win NT, with graphics in true color. It has 8 sound tracks and 34 samples, and it makes the game feel very lively. If you like worm games then this is the ultimate one.

The 22 tracks included in the game range from very easy in the beginning to extreme complexity at the end. You must be 100% alert or you will not make it to the hall of fame.

At any time during play you can press pause button to display the pause screen, here you can do a variety of things. You can save your game to continue at a later time or you can view the info screen to gain knowledge about objects in the game. If you want to quit
playing then this is the place to be.

On the information screen you can find info about all the building blocks that are used in the game (their name and what they do). This info can be very useful when you are learning to play the game.

When you have played the game to the end for several times, you may want to create your own tracks or maybe a complete new set of tracks. This can be done easily with the extremely powerful editor. A track can be designed and placed in the game in a matter of minutes. You have 50 building blocks to choose from so the complexity of the track can be awesome.

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