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Eternal Blade is a free to play non-targeting action MMORPG by Gala Lab behind Rappelz, Flyff, Sevencore and etc. Based on Norse myth, the game, which adds a great deal of originality or creative ingenuity, seamlessly fuses the anime style with fast-paced action, social options, and dungeon crawler.

In Eternal Blade, players are able to play one of six classes - Knight, Berserker, archer and magician (Two mysterious classes ) - to quest for adventures, slay monsters, collect valuable materials that can be used to craft weapons and armor and eventually they can deadly attack other players in PVP or engage in battles with Boss Monsters. The game also employs the rewards system under which a player can always acquire new gaming experience. For example, if the player completes a quest, he or she will be rewarded with new cosmetics, HP or MP potions, abilities, and sometimes better weapons.

Apart from these features, Eternal Blade functions well through Animal Card System in which players can make their own animal cards by absorbing energy through the defeated opponents. It is all about a rip-roaring experience through the game.

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