Knight's Quest (indie)

Knight's Quest (indie) Knight's Quest (indie) Knight's Quest (indie) Knight's Quest (indie)
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Knight's Quest is a tight, easy-to-control introduction or new challenge for new players and veterans respectively to the genre of bullet hell. There are several, engaging mechanics to look out for and many new friends to meet along the way. In every level (unless you are playing through the Hard-core mode), you will start out with three health points represented through Apples in the top-left corner of the screen. Once the level has been completed, those Apples will regenerate. If you are in the middle of an encounter with a boss, however, your apples will not regenerate until the encounter has come to an end. Throughout the game, your character is surrounded by a box. As objects approach you, you must dodge and come up with cunning ways to avoid projectiles in short amounts of time.