Combat In Flames v2.17


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Combat In Flames is a modification of battlefield1942. The mod has a biuld-in Effect-Engine, and that endow the game perfect visual effect.A distinctive compatible mode was designed for players who want to join the original bf1942 game,and under this mode,the game has great visual effect but the same weapon config.

About Effect Engine
Effect Engine is a biuld-in component of CIF mod, and it brought a great visual effect to the game,refer to flames, explosion, eruption, smoke ,and so on. You can see the blood spreading out on the water, the lively Streamers behind the warships, you also can see the perfect tracer bullet on the Pacific,the beautiful explosions in the sky,and the aircraft that burst into flames.The perfect engine sound effect was disigned for planes and warships, that make you fell as you were there. The Engine also brought lively Metallic Lustre Effect and Rippling Water Surface to game, that let you experience high quality game using low end computers.

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