Battlefield 1942 (+2 Trainer)

Battlefield 1942 (+2 Trainer)

Battlefield 1942 (+2 Trainer)

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Battlefield 1942 Trainer V1.1b
By Maddog316 (
To stop this file being displayed when you start the trainer rename/move this file.
Hi all,
This is a pretty basic trainer with only two options, (unlimited tickets for Allied and Axis teams)
---How to use----------------------------
Open the trainer and click the button(s),|
Or press ALT + Z (for allied)            |
press ALT + X (for axis)                 |
while in the game.                       |
Your Games exe must be named             |
BF1942.exe                               |
No known problems |
---Coming In Version 1.2b----------
Version 1.2b is currently under    |
development, When it is complete   |
i hope to have added the following |
features.                          |
Unlimited Ammo (all weapons)       |
Unlimited Health                   |
Unlimited Armour (all vehicles)    |
Thanks to Hardarse for testing.....

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This is almost always a false alarm.


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