Dawn of Conquest v1.1 patch

Dawn of Conquest v1.1 patch

Dawn of Conquest is a complete overhaul of the original Medieval II Total War. It was inspired by the classic mod Deus lo Vult (Battle Balance). The modding philosophy is "history inspired gameplay". The first release focuses on Western Europe - the conflict between England and France known as the 100 Years War and the Reconquista on Iberian peninsula. The mod is essentially a sandbox campaign with a smart AI. The key events are the Black Death that affects all of Europe and the discovery of gunpowder, which unlocks simple artillery. Most importantly, it is complete and playable! The gameplay will be slower than in vanilla. The real fun starts around turn 80-100, when most of the rebel territories are conquered and factions start to war with one another. There will be hotfixes and patches as needed and the work is continuing to expand the map Eastward to include German, Nordic and Italian factions!

Install over v1.0 Full. Simply overwrite the "data" folder into your "Medieval II Total War\mods\DoC\" folder. Requires a campaign restart!


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