Gravity mod v0.9 Full

Gravity mod v0.9 Full

Adds 4th race (only in mode UMS, and on maps "Catrun Alley" and "River of Darkness"), many new upgrades for all races, 2 more zerg units, fixes bugs of original game (ghost sight and heroes, defiler consume), and makes protoss ranged weapon and aircraft speed upgrades 3-level-upgadable; On terran side microcontrol becomed simpler: SCV repairs damaged units/buildings automaticaly, marines, firebats ang ghosts enters bunker on rally point. To install mod, just extract Gravity.7z into game folder. To launch mod, launch Gravity.exe and in it's window select Starcraft.exe or Staredit.exe; If you will launch map editor, mod can return error - It's normal, just ignore it. It's possable to play in Gravity mod trough internet, using Add iccup.reg (included in mod's archive) in your regestry, and try to play with your friends (only in private games, players with no mod won't able to join your game).


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