Reviving a Classic - StarCraft: Mass Recall

Ever wondered what it would be like to replay the iconic StarCraft and Brood War campaigns with a modern twist? Enter StarCraft: Mass Recall, a fan-made marvel that brings the classic saga into the StarCraft II engine. Imagine reliving those epic battles, but this time with snazzier graphics, revamped cutscenes, and those beloved missions all spruced up.


To install the StarCraft: Mass Recall mod, you first need to download the required files from the project's website. These include the main mod, assets, and localization files. For Windows users, there's an auto-installation option that simplifies the process. If that doesn't work or you're on a Mac, manual installation is your go-to. This involves downloading, extracting the files, and then moving them into specific folders within your StarCraft II installation directory. There's even a bonus campaign for those hungry for more, adding new missions and stories to explore. Detailed step-by-step guides and video tutorials are available on the SC2Mapster project page to help you through the process


For those who've poured hours into StarCraft back in the day, Mass Recall is a nostalgic trip down memory lane with a modern GPS.