StarCraft - StarCraft: The Co-Operative Version

StarCraft: The Co-Operative Version

StarCraft: The Co-Operative Version is a co-operative transformation of all of the vanilla StarCraft campaign maps, including bonus missions not released to the general public! It includes all three campaigns - The courageous Terran's "Rebel Yell", the creepy-crawly Zerg's "The Overmind", and the mysterious, enigmatic Protoss' "The Fall". If you've ever dreamed of reliving the epic saga of StarCraft with a friend fighting at your side, this is your chance to do just that! I realise that there has already been attempts to make co-operative versions of the StarCraft campaigns, but that user did not deliver as he promised, and his maps were of poor quality (to say the least). These maps have had far greater amounts of effort put into them, as I can personally attest to, so have no fear: this is not a duplicate!

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