Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion - Stargate Invasion: Rebellion v0.1.4

Stargate Invasion: Rebellion v0.1.4


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The Invasion has started... Finally here it is, our first release for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion. We are sorry that it took so long, but now we hope you'll enjoy your little christmas present. In this release you'll only able to play with the humans, which is the most worked out race yet, the asurans and the wraith. Asgard and Goauld are disabled for now. And remember the mod is still a work in progress! This is only a beta release. Installation Instructions: To install the mod simply drag the content of the zip file (SGI Reb v0.1.4) into the mods location. IMPORTANT: It is the SAME for every version of the game. Steam or not Steam. For Windows 7/Vista users it is: C:\Users\"Your user name"\Documents\My Games\Ironclad Games\Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion\Mods-Rebellion v1.1 For Windows XP users it should be similar to the 7 path in the Documents and settings folder.

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