Starfield Better Explosives - An Explosive Overhaul Mod v1.0.2

Starfield Better Explosives - An Explosive Overhaul Mod v1.0.2

>>> What is "Better Explosives" <<<

Have you ever felt that explosives aren't worth using? Better Explosives aims to enhance your experience with explosives, grenades, mines, missile launchers, and explosive objects placed throughout the world, ready for you to shoot and detonate.
Many explosives have been buffed, because as NPC health scales very high, the vanilla explosives become quite useless.

>>> What has been changed? <<<

  • Grenade and Mine damage has been greatly increased. 
  • Impact Grenades deal less damage than grenades which are timer based.
  • The damage dealt by Explosive Objects that you encounter in the world have also been greatly increased.
  • Damaging Effects like hazard damage from Incendiary Grenades and Mines now also deal significant more damage.
  • Cryo Containers now have a separate effect and deal now freezing damage. Shooting a bigger Cryo Tank will now cause a longer and stronger slow. (Before that, everything used the Cryo Mine slow effect)
  • More changes will follow and feedback, suggestions are always welcome

Example Numbers 
Fragmentation Grenade/Mine - from 101 to 400
Impact Grenade - from 101 to 250
Shrapnel Grenade - from 50 + 21 damage over 7 seconds to 125 + 100 over 20 seconds
Particle Grenade - from 60 60 Energy to 250250 Energy

>>> What you can expect from this mod <<<
Explosives are dangerous for your enemies and YOURSELF!
When someone throws a grenade at you, it's best to evade! 
When you try to catch a grenade, you will regret it.
When you throw a good grenade, you can be sure, it will hurt 'em a lot and at least something is dead.
Using explosives in close range combat, is dangerous.

>>> Install/Update/Uninstall <<<
You can install/update/uninstall this mod at any time.
Removing mods from a save, is never advised.
The ESM is ESL flagged.

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