The Witcher - Medical Problems 2: The Witcher Disease

Medical Problems 2: The Witcher Disease

A messenger reaches Geralt with urgent news from Lambert: Vesemir and Eskel are gravely ill. Sick? But witchers don’t GET sick. Ah, but this illness is a created thing. A mage has used the stolen witchers’ secrets to create a illness that’s specifically targeted to witchers, one that will overcome that famous witcher’s immunity to disease. Who has done such a thing? And why? And most importantly, how can Geralt stop them and get them to reverse the illness? Play "Medical Problems 2: The Witcher Disease" and find out.
If you played "Medical Problems 1: The Village Mystery," this adventure is the continuation and conclusion of that story. But if you didn’t play MP1, it’s okay; you can still play MP2. The new adventure opens with a recap of the story so far, so you can dive right in.


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