2K to show off new Evolve monsters, modes at E3

E3 is just around the corner, which means hype machines around the world are beginning to spin up in preparation, teasing what we're going to be seeing at the world's biggest games expo. While there's been a lot of rumoured information and vague hints, one game we will definitely see more of at E3, is Turtle Rock and 2K's Evolve and it sounds like we'll be getting a look at some new monsters too.

Speaking with the Examiner, executive producer Denby Grace said that while he wouldn't be drawn into discussions on the other monsters in the game as of yet, we should wait for E3 to find out more.

""[The play styles] differ greatly, and at E3 we plan to announce a bunch more content," said Grace. "You’ll then be able to see that direct comparison."

How will these new monsters differ from Goliath? A lot, apparently:

"[H]e’s very much a physically based, sort of melee-based monster. He uses his power and does a lot of melee combat getting you very up close and personal."

"The other monsters are the polar opposite in some ways. They play vastly different and we’re having a lot of fun with that."

The mention of physical, melee combat suggests that other monsters could be ranged damage dealers, which would certainly mix things up for the hunters.

Grace also touched on un-revealed hunters, suggesting they were very different from what we've seen so far as well.

"Every single hunter in the game has unique items. They share a class ability, so every medic in the game has the healing burst as one of their abilities, but every other item is unique to that character."

Evolve is set for release on October 21 on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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