3D Realms Announcement Imminent

3D Realms Announcement Imminent

To mark the release of the Shadow Warrior source code, 3D Realms dropped a hint about the imminent unveiling of a new game.

So the real news today was the quote ...keep your eyes open for the unveiling of our next game very soon... made by Joseph Michael Siegler a 3D Realms staff member. Most of the visitors to the 3D Realms website dismissed it as an April fool's prank, which the company is well-known for. People however, begun to grow suspicious as the comment was quickly withdrawn, although you can't really blame 3D Realms since they can't seem to get any dates right.

Once Duke Nukem Forever fans had their hearts back in place for long enough to consider that the Duke Nukem Forever is not missing an unveiling but a reliable release date, they begun looking for alternative explanations for the comment. One option was that Shadow Warrior Forever was in the works but if anything sounds like an April fool's prank it's the possibility of 3D Realms naming any other project Forever. The final, and most likely, possibility is that this has to do with a game 3D Realms are producing in association with another developer, rumored to be Human Head.

3D Realms had mentioned a collaborative effort back in 2004 and had claimed they would announce it in that year. Unfortunately the announcement was delayed, in true 3D Realm tradition, so it is likely that we will soon be hearing more about it.

Once again 3D Realms are keeping gamers busy on April 1st.