Futuremark Corporation (formerly known as MadOnion.com), has released 3DMark03, a major enhancement to its popular 3DMark® suite of benchmark solutions originally launched in 1998.

3DMark03 sets the new standard for easily and objectively measuring and comparing modern PCs' 3D graphics performance. It supports the latest Microsoft DirectX9.0 and contains four new mind blowing real-time 3D game tests as well as advanced DirectX9.0 feature tests. An integrated online comparison service provides the user with an unprecedented insight into her PC's performance and bottlenecks by enabling detailed test result comparisons with a community of hundreds of thousands of users.

3DMark03 incorporates many ground breaking new features and technologies, as prompted by feedback from the industry's key players and community of millions of end-users worldwide. It runs a wide range of tests to measure both overall 3D performance and individual tests, such as 3D audio performance test, CPU performance test, frame based rendering and image quality inspection tool.

Futuremark is regarded as the catalyst which pushes the industry to raise the bar with respect to graphics performance and features, said Dr. Jon Peddie, president of Jon Peddie and Associates, the leading market research firm in multimedia and graphics. The 3DMark03 benchmark software continues in that tradition, delivering the kind of performance analysis which power users are now demanding from graphics and PC vendors.

3DMark03 is integrated with the world's largest PC performance information service at Futuremark's web site. Due to its popularity amongst users, the online functionality was further developed to allow multiple simultaneous comparisons and advanced result management. The Online Result Browser service, ORB, enables an accurate analysis of how the PC's performance stacks up against other similar configurations, and how much it could be increased by upgrading components or by just updating drivers. The performance database currently encompasses more than 5 million detailed PC performance profiles.

As with all Futuremark's benchmarks, 3DMark03 has been created in cooperation with the major PC industry players to provide users with the best possible and most reliable set of diagnostic tools.

We applaud Futuremark's continued support of Microsoft DirectX 9.0 API as it provides our partners and the industry with a robust and time-tested benchmarking tool, said Dean Lester, General Manager of Graphics and Gaming Technologies, Microsoft Corporation. As DirectX 9.0 strives to make game development on the Windows platform more advanced and efficient, 3DMark03 provides additional benefits for mainstream applications by providing users with their latest set of diagnostic tools.

High-end 3D effects are no longer the sole domain of serious gamers, but are becoming ubiquitous in mainstream applications. Since the release of the first version of 3DMark in 1998, we've been continually striving to improve our benchmarks to help users maximize their experience and PC performance, said Tero Sarkkinen, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Futuremark. 3DMark03 meets this goal by supporting DirectX9 and providing detailed 3D performance measurements for existing systems, while offering challenging, new tests for current, cutting-edge hardware and technologies yet to be released.

Important New Features of 3DMark03

- Full support for Microsoft DirectX 9.0
- DirectX Vertex Shaders, including v2.0
- 3D Sound Test
- CPU Test
- Next Generation Lightning Model
- Advanced Normal Mapping
- Procedural and Volumetric Texturing
- Real Time Physics
- Frame Based Rendering Option
- Advanced Image Quality Test Tool
- Advanced Online Functionalities
- Texture Filtering Test

Download Instructions

In order to download the file you will need to, first, download the bittorent client, a link to which can also be found by following the download tab. Once you have installed bittorent press on the 3dmark link and select open file using bittorent, follow the instructions on your screen. This method has been selected since there is extreme net congestion wherever this file is hosted and bittorent offers unlimited download speeds.

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