Abandon Ship will feature large, Lovecraftian sea monsters too

In its mix of FTL and Sunless-Sea gameplay, Abandon Ship won't just have you facing off against fellow ship captains, you'll also have to ward of the tentacle'd grasp of sea monsters which look like they've been pulled right out of Lovecraft's pages. Their holiday in R'lyeh is over and now they're coming for you and your crew.

Not all of them are tentacular monsters though. There's also bizarrely boney fish creatures, Innsmouth-like fish-men who will dive through the seas to board you and many more threats lurking just beneath the darkened sea's surface.

As well as presenting a formidable threat to your craft, these monsters also have followers of their own. The Cult of Halifron is rising in power in the game's lore, leaving ships like yours threatened by those fanatical followers at every turn. As well as fellow pirates to contend with, you'll have to face off against, you'll also face the Cult's own vessels, which will never surrender in their quest to bring you back into the fold.

Their ships will sometimes contain your bog standard fanatics, but others will come packed with the fish-men who will dive from their relatively safe floating vessel, swim across to you and attack your men in hand to hand combat. They will act as a formidable opposition when in the midst of battle, though they'll just be one of many threats you face when the game launches sometime later this year.

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