Adata takes DDR4 RAM speed world record with 5,634MHz overclock

Ahead of the release of DDR5 memory next year, Adata has claimed the top spot for RAM frequencies the world over with an impressive overclock of its new Spectrix D60G kit. It was a single 8GB module and required loosened timings to an extreme 31-31-31-46 at 3T to achieve it, but the eventual frequency maxed out at 5,634.1MHz effective, or 2 x 2817.1 MHz.

In the test the overclockers at Adata's XPG Overclocking Lab paired the Spectrix memory with an Intel Core i9-9900K on an MSI MPG Z390I Gaming Edge mini ITX board. Liquid nitrogen was required to keep the memory super cooled, but that's no surprise when it comes to breaking world records. The voltage required was said by WCCFTech to be around 2v, which is monstrously high.

That would be needed though, because even though the default speed of the Spectrix kit is 4,133MHz, that's still a more than one third frequency increase, which at that starting point is huge.

This is a great coming out party for AMD's new kit, which is not only very capable on a performance level, but also looks the part, with two huge lighting zones along its sides with full RGB support. They are reportedly the large LED surfaces on any memory kit yet released, with some diamond-like cuts angled into the design for a unique look.

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