Adventure Roll is a DnD 5E campaign maker for full 3D play

Adventure Roll is taking the virtual roleplaying systems of Roll 20, or Tabletop Simulator, and making them more immersive, and more digital-RPG-like than ever before. It incorporates a full dungeon builder, integrated music, sound effects, and controllable characters for the DM to inhabit. The players will be able to experience the world in third and first person perspectives, have realized combat complete with visual effects, and play in both real time and turn based settings.

Player Characters and NPCs can be crafted in different races, with customizable features and body types, equipped with different armors and weapons, all in the aid of creating a more lifelike 5E world to explore. This isn't something brand new to the RPG space, as there are dungeon builders, and even the option of creating custom campaigns in existing RPGs like Divinity: Original Sin 2. But Adventure Roll is designed to be much simpler and easier to get to grips with, making it so that gamers don't need to all own the game to enjoy it, and DMs don't need to learn a complicated modding system to build their own scenarios.

The system already looks good in its very pre-release alpha state, and there is huge scope for expansion in a number of exciting ways. For a DM like myself who prefers more theater of the mind, this is all a little too overt for my liking, but for those who prefer a more tactical experience, and anyone who plays exclusively with gamers all over the world, Adventure Roll looks like a promising tool for more interactive storytelling.

Would you consider using Adventure Roll over your existing digital tabletop system?

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