Aliens Vs Predator new levels

Fox interactive has released two free new levels for Aliens v predator these are:

BLEAK - Minimalist in appearance with dirty grey walls showing signs of previous conflict. Two levels, well connected with a sweeping 'C' shaped corridor giving a view of the starfield outside. The level is completely symmetrical. Off white dim lighting in most of the upper level whilst green and amber lighting dominates the lower level.

AZURE - Single room arena with a large rotating blue crystal in the centre. An incredibly deep pit below the crystal will kill all three characters (although the alien may be able to fall a considerable distance before clinging to the wall and having to climb out). Colourful moving light features make the level strange but attractive to look at.

Using the Levels: After extracting the levels into the directory there will be two versions of each level showing up in the multiplayer game configuration menu. Those versions are: Bleak, Bleak (c) and Azure, Azure (c).
If you decide to play Cooperative game style you should first set the game style to Cooperative and then make sure to use the version of the level WITH a (c) on the end (for example - Azure (c)).
If you decide to play a Deathmatch, Alien Tag, Predator Tag, Last Man Standing, or Species Deathmatch you should first change the game style to the one you want to play, then make sure to use the version of the level WITHOUT the (c) part (for example - Azure).
If you decide to play Skirmish mode always make sure you are setting the game to play on the level that has a (c) at the end of the name (for example - Bleak (c)).
After playig a Cooperative game always make sure to change Max Aliens setting back from 0 before playing any of the other game styles if you want to allow Alien players to join your game.

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