All in Wonder OpenGL Patch

All in Wonder OpenGL Patch

The information in this article is known to affect the following configurations:
Windows 2000 / XP
Windows 98 / ME
OpenGL games and applications fail to launch, and/or an error message appears indicating that "OpenGL could not initialize". Other error messages may appear.

The following are examples of OpenGL games and applications:
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Quake III Arena
Call Of Duty
Maya 3D

Users who are experiencing this issue are advised to download and install this driver HotFix.

NOTE: After installing this HotFix, the product name in Device Manager will appear as RADEON xxxx Series instead of ALL IN WONDER xxxx. This should not impact performance or features in any way.

A future CATALYST release is expected to address this issue. To download the patch, obtain further information and an alternative way to apply this fix, follow the download tab above.


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