Amazon can now check if your PC parts are compatible

Amazon has a brand new "Part Finder" feature on its website which will help you pick computer components which are compatible with your current system. No more will the uninitiated system-upgrader be faced with the problem of graphics cards they don't have the power for, or CPUs for the wrong socket, or RAM for an older generation. Amazon is here to help.

As PCGamer reports, this isn't a system that's been rolled out site-wide just yet, but it can be found on certain pages, like Samsung's 860 Evo as pictured in the gallery. It manifests as a bar where you can input certain details about your system, specifically, the brand and model of your desktop. This isn't ideal for those who have home built systems, but if you're using a desktop that you bought previously in a pre-built state, it should be useful for upgrades.

Once you've put in your details, the Amazon Partfinder tool will give you a ruling on whether the part will work with your PC or not. It has the option of saying it will definitely fit, definitely won't fit, or may, or may not fit. In the case of the latter two options, it will then direct you to a list of parts that will definitely fit with your specific model.

It's not perfect just yet. In our testing we asked it if an SSD would fit in our laptop and we were instead directed to some memory. There are clearly some teething issues that Amazon needs to work you, but the idea behind it is solid.

At least it will make the calls from friends and family to their relative "IT guy" a little easier to deal with.

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