Amazon has a cloud gaming platform and it'll be just $6 a month

Amazon has a cloud gaming platform and it'll be just $6 a month

The reanimated horse corpse of cloud gaming made a major resurgence in 2020 with Google's Stadia, GeForce Now, and xCloud, but it looks like that won't be the end of it. Amazon has just debuted a brand new game streaming service of its own called Luna and it's big selling point is that it's just $6 a month with a broad collection of "high quality, immersive games."

Currently recruiting for a closed beta, Amazon's Luna will originally be available on Fire TV, PC, and Mac and iOS devices. Android compatibility is coming down the pipeline. Luna will make it possible to play a game on one device then jump to another and continue your play — great if you're in the middle of a game and need to leave the house and hop on a train.

Twitch will be heavily integrated, making it easier than ever for gamers around the world to join in with the streams of their favorite streamers and to connect with other fans around the world.

Early games in the $5.99 package include Resident Evil 7, Control, Grid, Bloodstained, Brothers, Paper Beast, Rime, Everspace, Shadow Tactics, Sonic Mania, and The Surge 2, among others with specific publisher also available at additional cost. Ubisoft will have one, offering Assassin's Creed Valhhalla, Far Cry 6, and Immortals Fenyx Rising. It's not yet clear if there will be discounts for Amazon Prime users.

All games will be available at 1080p running at 60 FPS, with the option of 4K resolution coming later. You can play with just about any controller with Bluetooth functionality, though the Amazon Luna controller will be available for $50 and offer a slight latency reduction, along with typical controller functions.

Sign up to the Luna beta, here.